Mowgli's Hip Certification

Below is Mowgli's OFA Hip Certification.   His hips are graded as "Fair" which means that he qualifies for breeding.  Please note that this certification was done in 2009 when he was 4-1/2 years old (51 months) which is typically "old" for this type of certification.  This is still a very good score for a dog of his age.

Additionally, because we have fed the species appropriate diet of raw meat and bones  since 11/2009, we are confident that his hips have maintained their current healthy state and, possibly due to the proper nutrition, with natural calcium and bone.  Quite possibly, his structural health has likely improved.  

Mowgli's hips were radiographed again in 2011 with a different veterinarian and his opinion was much better than only "fair" rating.  In fact, he said we "got a raw deal from OFA with only a fair rating" especially since he was now a 6 year old dog!  His hips look much better than a fair - he would have rated them as "Excellent"! Oh well. The most important thing is that we have never had any bone, structure, ligament issues OR arthritis or stiffness issues with Mowgli, and he is yet an avid frisbee dog and still a terrific athlete!!   He is very sound and healthy!

Mowgli Front      

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