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Our "Divine Litter-2016"

Muppet Litter 2015

"Mariah" with her 8 puppies - 3 males and 5 females - born June 9, 2016!  All puppies have homes.


Watch our LIVE streaming Puppy Cam on YouTube every day from 11 am 

until 10 pm (cst) daily - only when we have a litter.


 Otherwise, enjoy the many hours of LOTS of videos saved that are saved on Ustream  at the link below!  


To see the individual and weekly puppy photos  from our last litter, go to:  "Puppy Pictures"

Bella Left - Beautiful

These beautiful animals have numerous "Topbrass" champion ancestors in their bloodlines!  


Puppy Kisses Fade Cropped Retouched_400x311.shkl

Maisy with her Golden puppies!  

FebCOVER2013 600x806.shkl

We made the COVER of Raw Instincts Magazine - 
February 2013!!  

Above:  Our three dogs; "Maisy", "Mowgli" and "Mari" (lying down). 





                    NRBA top   dog-wagging-tail



Our three: "Mari" Maisy" and "Mowgli".  3/2010


  What Does "Naturally Raised" Mean?

Naturally raised means that our dogs (and their puppies) are raised as close to how they would live and eat in the wild, but with human love! We feed a species appropriate diet of raw meat (no processed kibble) and use no toxins with our dogs, meaning no commercial flea, tick or heart-worm pharmaceuticals, or vaccines!   This also means that our dogs and their pups are raised inside our home (the den), in a pack environment (with their siblings and other dogs as they are older), on clean ground (their huge puppy pen), and by having plenty of free access to fresh air, sunshine, clean drinking water, and room for lots of exercise!  

dog Click here  for more on What Is Natural Rearing?

Our dogs (and their puppies) are:    

      1)  Raised on a species appropriate diet of raw meat, raw bones and raw organs.  No commercial dry kibble, canned, processed, or cooked food is fed.... this includes grains, fruits and veggies - all dogs are carnivores!   We follow the "natural prey model" of feeding our carnivore dogs and pups!

 dog   Click here for more on Feeding a RAW Diet 

      2)  Minimally vaccinated, or not vaccinated at all, except as required by state laws;

   dog  Click here for more on Limited Vaccinations

     3) Not compromised internally or externally by any toxic chemicals, (no pesticides, heart-worm medications, flea treatments, chemical lawn fertilizers, home cleaning products, etc.).

             dog    Click here for more about No Chemicals

      4)  Raised with their mother and weaned on her own schedule.  She has free access to all of her pups at all times.  Many important teaching lessons need to be taught to the pups, by the dam, so they will learn proper dog behavior and good puppy manners.  This is best done naturally, as she sees fit, to appropriately to teach her pups some important basic lessons of living in a pack with other dogs, and with humans.

   dog  Click here for more about Emotional Development

      5)  All pups will stay in the litter with the mother until they are at least 8 weeks old.  They need this crucial time together to learn how to play nice and interact with one another!  


It ha been a fascinating journey, to re-discover some of the basic foundations of natural animal health care!!  This topic has interested me so much that I am back in school, studying to become a "Doctor of Animal Naturopathy" from Kingdom College of Natural Health!  It's kind of like an "Animal Life Coach" with a focus on how to care for your animals with all things natural!!  We raise our dogs in a natural way while sharing with others how to do it too!   

Going "natural" is not a new philosophy or trend, but it is as old as nature itself!  It goes back to some of the very basics of nature and life... and it is the only way to care for your pet, in a healthy and natural way!

Interestingly enough, I have had to do a lot of UN-learning of many of Western cultural society's animal care ways, and re-learn the healthiest ways of pet care!  That means digging for the TRUTH about many things like; the TRUTH about pet food, the TRUTH about vaccines and what is best for our animal family members!   

Here is our very own "Mariah" on the cover of Raw Instincts Magazine from May 2012!!



Please keep reading and looking! 


These puppies are 5 weeks old!!   


Puppies are 26 days old!   


This puppy is one day old!!   







~  Job 12:7-10  But ask the animals, and they will teach you, or the birds of the air, and they will tell you; or speak to the earth, and it will teach you, or let the fish of the sea inform you. Which of these does not know that the hand of the Lord has done this? In his hand is the life of every creature and the breath of all mankind.  



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